Eco Smart

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Smart Contract: TDs5oFtZj2uiCAVeKe9wF1EPYWgU65UV8C
Dapp Overview: You will find the dividend of this project on the ratio of the purchased tokens to 10% of the total volume of investment. The method of distributing token is a drop, and after each new investment the token distribution gradually decreases. You can become a shareholder of the project in all sectors with a deficient level of minimum investment. You can achieve a high income with the MLM and hybrid referral system. Success is yours because our intelligent system cleverly aligns the Chinese Referral up to 3 levels, and you will get high income even without a Referral team. If you reach the level of top distributors, you can benefit from unlimited 7% and 3% dividend poll.
Investment Plan: 10% weekly stocks, 7% and 3% monthly from dividend poll
Referrals: Up to 50% in 15 level MLM system with spill over
Min Deposit:
2000 TRX
My Active Deposit My Withdrawal Net Profit Total Roi %
180,000 TRX 356,416 TRX 176,416 TRX 198%

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